Debt Collection and Recovery

Irrespective of the measures put in place in commercial practice, it does happen every once in a while that a business Debtor’s Book requires the expertise only lawyers can offer. Whether it be the issuance of formal letters of demand, negotiating repayment plans with debtors on your behalf or proceeding from collection to recovery through court proceedings, we are here to assist.

Working with our Commercial Practice, the Litigation Department will ensure you receive fair, calculated, realistic and commercially sensible advice when considering options for recovery of debt.

When it comes to handling debt collection correspondence and negotiations Clients often find their best intentions and honest approach to their debtors ends up counting against them when negotiations break down. This unintended prejudicial impact can result in disastrous consequence to the Client frequently when recovery of funds is needed most.

If you require advice or would simply like to discuss your Debtor’s book, Debtor’s Age Analysis or prospects of recovery, call us, make an appointment and let give you assurance, comfort and expertise designed and tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.