Fields of Expertise

Providing professional solutions in:-


Our vast experience in this field enables us to undertake and advise on all property transactions from development schemes to everyday transfers. We assist in the preparation and negotiation of sales agreements and offer our clients the service of carefully checking offers to purchase before signature, to avoid pitfalls. Remember that an offer becomes a binding agreement upon signature by the parties and is difficult to alter thereafter. We attend to the registration of mortgage bonds for a number of financial institutions as well as for private lenders.

Estates and Wills

We advise on all aspects of estate planning, undertake the preparation of Wills and attend to all aspects pertaining to the administration of estates, both locally and abroad.

We are widely acknowledged to be experts in this field. We cannot over emphasise the importance of having a professionally prepared and up to date will.


We advise on and attend to the preparation and registration of property, family, charitable and trading trusts.

The utilisation of Trusts (both inter vivos [living] and testamentary [Will] Trusts) is still recognised as one of the most effective tools in business, estate duty and tax planning.

Commercial Law


We advise and assist clients in the:

  • Negotiation, preparation and conclusion of all types of commercial agreements;
  • Tax implications thereof;
  • Establishment of new businesses (whether sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts or companies);
  • Preparation of standard form contracts.

Family Law

Antenuptial contracts, divorce, maintenance, care (custody) and contact (access) disputes and all matters pertaining to Family Law are handled by us in a sensitive and caring (but decisive and firm) manner. Consult us to properly understand your rights and obligations.


We deal with the full spectrum of litigation including contractual, building and commercial disputes in all courts and other forums. We will carefully assess the prospects and cost implications of your case before litigating.

Rental Disputes

In both residential and commercial letting, we assist landlords and tenants with the negotiation and preparation of lease agreements including leases over movable assets, such as plant and equipment. We assist with the efficient and rapid handling of rental related disputes.

Property Disputes

We regularly assist bodies corporate and home owners in all matters related to sectional title schemes, shareblock companies and home owners associations.

It commonly occurs that people do not fully appreciate their rights and obligations arising from the rules and Laws which apply to communal living in apartments or gated communities.

Debt Collection

This routine but much-maligned department of any legal practice receives the personal attention of our qualified staff.