Property Transfers and Conveyancing

Domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium

“To every man his own house is the safest refuge.”

Selling or buying property can be a daunting process. Recognised as industry leaders in this field of Law our vast experience enables us to undertake and advise on all property transactions from Development Schemes to everyday transfers.

More often than not buyers and sellers are unaware of their rights and as a result expose themselves to unforeseen risks.

We assist in the preparation and negotiation of sale agreements and offer our clients the facility of carefully checking offers to purchase or sell before signature to avoid pitfalls.

What you should know about YOUR rights:

1. AS A SELLER, you have the absolute right and power to appoint your own Conveyancer. It is common practice for Estate Agents to insist on the appointment of a Conveyancer not known to the Seller, often leaving Sellers feeling lost, uninvolved and distanced from this crucial process.

We encourage all our Clients, when selling property, to insist that we are recorded and appointed as the Conveyancers to attend to the transfer of the property.

The Legal Practice Act prohibits the automatic pre-printed inclusion of a Conveyancer’s Firm name on any sale agreement and we urge Sellers to be alive to this when presented with a standard form document.

2. AS A BUYER, you may wish to finance the purchase of your home or investment property. Appointed to a number of major Bank Panels, Clients can feel comforted in being able to request that their Bank appoint John Hudson and Company as the Bond Registration Attorney.

As a Buyer, you have an equal right, in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, to appoint the Conveyancer attending to the Transfer of the property which you have bought.

In addition to the preparation and registration of mortgage bonds on behalf of financial institutions, we also attend to the preparation and registration of mortgage bonds for private lenders.

We hold many Clients’ Security Documents safely in our secure Strong Room, protecting their most important of documents from loss, damage and theft. For over 67 years, Clients have entrusted us with the safekeeping of their Wills, Antenuptial Contracts, other personal papers, Title Deeds, Mortgage Bonds, Loan Documents, Divorce Orders, Sale Agreements and many more.

If you are selling your property privately (or otherwise) call us and we will be able to assist the immediate preparation of a tailor-made agreement to suit the specific terms of your sale, containing nothing other than the essential and relevant provisions.