Wills and Estate Planning

As industry leaders in this field of Law, we advise on all aspects of Estate Planning, undertake the preparation of Wills and attend to all aspects pertaining to the administration of Estates, both locally and worldwide.

Having specialised in this area of Law for almost 70 years, John Hudson & Company offers to its Clients unparalleled expertise, insight and knowledge on matters of Estate Planning and the Administration of Estates. Administration of Estates is an area of Law (not accountancy, banking or anything else) which requires qualified legal skills.

The efficient and timeous winding up of an Estate assists enormously in dealing with the multitudinous stresses of a bereavement. We strive in matters of this nature to assist way beyond that which is required of an Executor. Above all else, we are people too.

We cannot over emphasise the importance of having a professionally prepared and up-to-date Will. Many people believe that because they have limited assets a Will is not required. This is simply not so.

The law of unintended consequences is probably never more relevant than dying intestate (without a Will). We believe it to be essential for every adult to have a valid and up to date Will at all times.

If you would like to complete your will, please call us or come and see us.